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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wife is boss in new business model for couples

Men increasingly are joining their entrepreneur wives in business and reporting to them. It's estimated that twice as many men report to their higher-ranking wives today as they did five years ago
WOMENSENEWS)--A tough-minded businesswoman runs the show and brings in clients; her easygoing husband provides the staff's emotional support and shoulder to cry on.

It Takes a Secure Man to Report to His Wife in Their Joint Business

"The days of the wives supporting and propping up their husbands in business have really changed," Lewis said. "Now, the wives are running the show and making the decisions and often doing a better job than their husbands ever could."

Embarrassed Salesman Mistook Woman for Secretary, Husband for President

When Joe came out, he proudly introduced me as the president of the company and said that if you want to speak to whomever is in charge, that would be my wife," Pitts said. "I think that speaks volumes for my husband."

he knows his place in the relationship

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