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Hello all, this blog is about all things female, exploring feminine aspects, accomplishments, matriarchy, empowerment, feminism, the body, women taking over, herstory , and much more. At this blog we watch for signs of society slowly transforming into a womens world, where women are the boss and men accept this. "cougars" older women that are established with money looking for younger men are experienced , no longer dependent on males for anything, they're just seeking love,sex,romance from a younger crowd of males that are use to women with power, young men that are very happy to please and serve.So if you have any insights or ideas, feel free to drop a line.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

feminized stream of consiousness

ladies first 21 first century, watch them go full force that cant be stopped,
doing well at school, she is independant and educated, outnumber the guys ,where have all the guys gone? if you your a guy and you go to school, your surrounded by ladies, can you still act macho in a place where your outnumbered?
taking over occupations , teachers are female, they will be educating the males with a female touch

If women control education, they control your mandhood
controling your mandhood means teaching males on how to properly look after women, a uniform that will be considered a mans outfit will the apron, perhaps a good gift for a husband or boyfriend is an apron that says pro female things like, im a feminist, or girls rule, matriarchy is our way , and so on...
this is the future
books on manhood will be different in the future, they will cover different topics, such as cooking for women, sexually pleasing her, cleaning, massages, how to properly cater to a group of women, entertaining them, submitting to women, communication with your wife or girlfriend, supporting your women in her business, sewing, reflexology,
men will learn about feminist issues, womens history, Goddess worship, ancient matriarchal civilizations , organisation skills for the house, compromising with her, learning to listen like women do, new ways to elevate women like supporting female organisations, dominate wives clubs, tips on money issues like letting your women control the money .
Also included in mens education classes are , new was to use language to put women on a pedestal, like saying "her" in sentences instead of him/her, speaking polite in the company of women, giving flowers, bowing down to her.
Another way to put yourself in the service of divine females is to have a group of women form a social club , or gathering that you can be there own personal waiter , bringing them snacks, drinks, maybe some tea or what ever they ask of you, this way the ladies get to catch up on things, and have a guy cater to them to instill who is clearly the boss.

this is the future

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shamusjoyfull said...

men tend to think hierarchicaly and
much like dogs can find contentment
in knowing who is boss. Since their
desires are simple and dominated by
their urge to ejaculate men will trade their sterile autonomy for the
possibility of Female attention to their pathetic and highly vulnerable
control stick.