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Hello all, this blog is about all things female, exploring feminine aspects, accomplishments, matriarchy, empowerment, feminism, the body, women taking over, herstory , and much more. At this blog we watch for signs of society slowly transforming into a womens world, where women are the boss and men accept this. "cougars" older women that are established with money looking for younger men are experienced , no longer dependent on males for anything, they're just seeking love,sex,romance from a younger crowd of males that are use to women with power, young men that are very happy to please and serve.So if you have any insights or ideas, feel free to drop a line.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

by the balls

Do women have the guys by the balls? what do you think, do the guys stand a chance when it comes to women, women its clear they know the weaknesses of a male inside out, rendering them helpless, if she has a good grib on your nutz you cant get away, the more you struggle the harder she squeezes and so you give up, it hurts to much so most times the guy will just be tammed into submiting to the women, because she doesnt even have to be strong once she has grabbed on to the mans balls, and puts fear into him, those dangling things are sensitive, be careful, you have grabbed onto my pride and taken control of it.

The girls find out our secret early on in life, that between our legs there is a males biggest weakness, once she thought the guys where so strong, but now she realizes that they are not that tough if you give them a little tap to the nutz, just enough to warn them, tease them, and get a good laugh for the girls team, sorry boys, we dont have anything on our bodies that sensitive

now that women are taking the top jobs, work can be stressful, so here is a stress balls, a women can have one on her desk reminding her that she outperformed her male co-workers, rising to the top, and now can squeeze these balls to relive some tension

No guy would wanna piss this girl off, i think we wanna stay on her good side.

amazing ability of women-breastfeeding

Women evolved such an amazing ability to feed there young, breastfeeding, good for the child, and also helps the mother with weight loss, reduces the risk of breast cancer, and helps to prevent a whole list of physical and mental problems, over all a magical way of helping the species as a whole

It is a womens right to breast feed as this women is doing

Policewoman heroine promoted for breast-feeding babies after earthquake, despite controversy

Jiang Xiaojuan, a policewoman who was well-known to the Chinese public for feeding infants with breast milk after the May 12 quake, has been officially promoted to a ranking post at a local police bureau, despite a nationwide controversy about the promotion.
Moved by the plight of babies separated from their mothers, she ended up breast-feeding nine of them. The pictures of her breast feeding spread across the country, which earned her a nickname "the police mum."

She has since been awarded laudatory titles of "hero and model police officer" and "excellent member of the Communist Party" by the Ministry of Public Security and the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Breastfeeding moms fight back with protest at H&M's Vancouver store

Lunchtime for hundreds of babies at a downtown Vancouver clothing store Thursday turned into a protest for a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

Lunchtime for hundreds of babies at a downtown Vancouver clothing store Thursday turned into a protest for a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

The breastfeeding mothers packed the H&M store in Pacific Centre around 12:30 p.m. and spilled out into the mall to protest the treatment new mom Manuela Valle received on Saturday.

While her husband was trying on some clothes she started to breastfeed her two-month-old daughter Ramona in the store.

“The first clerk who approached me, a young woman, asked me to go into a changing room because I was offending other customers and there were children around” Valle told The Province.

“I felt completely ashamed and humiliated. I said, ‘Are you kidding?’

“She said, ‘Sorry, this is the store’s policy. This is what they teach us in our training.’”

A shaken Valle, a first-time mother, followed the request to go to the changing room, unaware that she has the legal right to breastfeed in public.

“I got so upset. I was in tears,” she said.

“I felt inadequate and frustrated because they made me feel I was doing something really shameful and obscene in front of children.”

“Society is so warped where a woman’s action that is natural and best for her child is deemed to be perverted.
Here a women protests starbucks breastfeeding poicy

The power of women and there breasts are amazing, they serve so many benifits, they will be recognized as symbols of matriarchy, the queen, the womens army that grows everyday and becomes more creative in stopping war, and brining nurturing.

Breastfeeding - Cradle Hold

Women can do it all, evolutin perfecting the womens body, it can do so many things, providing for generations of babies all throughout history and in to the future, she is at the center of it all.

Girl Counter Splits in Slippery Pants! (8 -13-09)

For all the males out there , lets see you try this, for most of you this is very unlikely you can do this, she is a nice flexible women

Asian queens

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rich powerful FAT women

Picture a room filled with rich powerful fat women, the late twenty first century

In the past, many society regarded fat with respect, they where seen as wealthy and high up in the world, so to be with one was not considered a negative thing at all, in fact many painters painted larger women. As we step into a womens world , female managers, leaders, prime ministers, taking over and dominating every area, we will also see women in control of there image more often then not, there voices concerning beauty gets louder, and alters the way fashion ,movies,tv, handles all the different typs of women, so maybe the future women is one with money ,resources, sugar mamas, rich fat women that men will depend on, being the bread winners, they will rise ,and men every will love them, fat will be in, fat is curvy, soft , desirable ,

She is strong, she represents future women of authority, she is your boss, your wife, your leader, so men will have no choice but to show admiration to fat chicks everywhere, how could anyone make fun of large successful women, educated, with money, influence, and style, you cant, that will be a thing of the past. The more positive sexy images males see of full figuered women with style, the more there sexuality changes, they become irrisistible.

fat Goddess warrior of the future womens society

this women looks classy and hot in this outfit.

Wise fat women lead, the last shall be first, everything goes in a cycle, so women like this will be queens, with a long line up of men begging to serve.

In the future a wife will ask her husband "does this outfit make me look fat?" the husband response "yes", she smiles and gives him a kiss!

Big butts are not a negative thing, fat asses by many already are considered every feminine, soft, curvy, something to grab, so round, only women have butts that are so big and round like this.

Sush a pretty face and hot soft body to embrace.

social networking for dominate females

Kicked in the groin is a social networking site ( for the girls and guys that are interested in females kneeing ,kicking, punching ,squeezing balls, making a guy drop to the ground,
below are some samples of pictures posted at the kickedinthegroin site.

some of the girls that are part of the community showed interest in getting shirts like what these girls are sporting, "nut cracker" and "girls kick balls"

Some girls imitate the guys when they hold there crotch after getting hit in the nutz, intimidating, or just laughing.

Here is a scene of girls kicking guys in the balls in public, demonstrating the vulnerability of the male package, you may be bigger and stronger but all it takes is a swift kick from a girl and you drop to the ground.

so check out the link-

girl wins and becomes national chess champion

Abby Marshall wins , becomes the first girl to win world champion in a long time, she shows the girls of the world that in can be done dispite the fact girls are outnumber by male chess players, they can still come out on top.

Many girls are becoming chess masters and are doing very well

Here is a picture of a very talented female chess player Alexandra Kosteniuk

She wins this game beating Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk, rated #10 in the world.

She beats the world champion at this challenge, here is a quote from her blog-

"was a great day for me at the World Blitz Championship in Moscow, I scored an incredible 7/14 (performance 2725 ELO) and managed to beat many super Grandmasters, such as Morozevich, Grischuk, and Aronian, as well as the #1 rated woman in the world Judith Polgar. But my biggest achievement that day was when I beat the (Overall - Men's) World Chess Champion Vishy Anand.So I dedicate this victory to all of you, supporters of women's and girl's chess! With it, I send out also a special message to all girls and women chess players, don't be afraid of being out-numbered by men and boys, you can do it, you can play well and beat anybody! Chess is the fairest of games, the more you love it, the more you study and practice chess, the more chess will give back to you!

Long live Women's & Girl's Chess!"

Here is her book, Diary of a chess queen, paving a way for more girls to get into chess and become masters, in the future there will be many more chess queens coming our way so look out for a wave of female chess players giving the guys some serious competion.

Humpy Koneru - Mysterious Chess Grandmaster from India

She is a very good chess player

feminine scientist

women do everything, so its no suprise that there are many hot female scientist, so maybe in the future you could be at home cleaning, making supper so thats its ready in time for your wife the scientist to come home from work, she worked in the lab which is almost all female, and is ready to come home and have her man serve her a meal. A few months later she makes a discovery , she makes it in magazines , newspapers, and you support her on the sidelines, making sure her cloths are ironed for her so she looks good, representing female scientist and there male helpmates.

Its exciting to see these pictures above of beautiful scientist, we can look forward to seeing this in the future.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Victory girls

With so many victories being won by girls all over the world it only makes sense that a website would be created called Victory girls, a collection of girls doing victory poses over the guys, usually underneath them. These girls represent the new breed of females, a generation of strong powerful feminine girls creating a new world of authority over the boys, the battle of the sexes will be over soon, the girls are winning, and it does'nt look like the guys team will make a comback anytime soon, so why not have the girls get together and celebrate there victory in front of the camera.

These girls growing up in a world very different then there great grandmothers world

hot women dominating

Mysteria vs Karl - Mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling black guy getting submitted

Mixed wrestling videos are interesting to watch, the girls can surprise people that might think they cant fight, but video evidence clearly shows that the girls can beat the boys in wrestling , female wrestlers get paid good money to fight males all the time, and win, double win.

Its still embarrassing for males to be beaten by a girl, therefore risky to take on a women,

mature Goddess for july

Every month i'll feature an older women as Goddess of the month, in celebration of older wise women, the mothers, wives, and leaders of todays world, becoming more and more powerful, the standard of beauty for women in the twenty first century is shifting, becoming much more broad in scope. There is something amazing that draws many younger males to older women, the class, experience, and beauty.

This is the mature goddess for the month of july

she is 41 yrs old , from Dallas Tx, and is modeling on the site

bbw Goddess of the month - July

Every month i will feature a new big beautiful women (bbw) as goddess of the month, showcasing the up and coming plus size models that are on the internet. There is a large amount of women starting online webmodel businesses, and some are doing well, so check out each model and show some support, maybe you'll wanna buy some pictures from there sites, enjoy

And here she is ,the goddess for july, the beautiful Sweettooth, she has a fanclub on the fat-forums.

click on the image to make it bigger.

i support womens businesses

Elliott Tittensor, Naked Maid

In the near future maybe big mature women will have all the money which means they will have the power to hire males to clean there homes in next to nothing, bossing them around, a womens world?

BBC misandry: Do we need men?

ballbusting women speak about men

The Corporate Dominatrix

CNN mainstream news showcases the book corperate dominatrix, dealing with womens different archetypes, different roles that women can take in the corperate world to advance with knowledge and wisdom.

Benefits of Being a Dominatrix

Sandra Dee talks about how she become a dominatrix and the many perks that come along with it, becoming more common, women are making alot of many growing business that specialize in dominating men.

Male Maids Clean in Jockstraps

On mainstream media they show new businesses where women can hire male maids to clean there house in nothing but a jock, since women are making lots more money now , they have to power that money wields, hiring men to do what would be considered "womens work" 60 years ago, today is becoming more common for men to do, having barely any close on is an extra added bonus for the women to enjoy, laugh, talk about with the girls, while sitting back enjoying some wine, dreaming about how the world has changed for the better.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Women Are Physically Stronger Than Men

Women can last longer when exersicing then men can.

California Mean Girls stunning Las Vegas spokesmodel Gina

The girls take to the streets and night clubs of America, interviewing girls about ballbusting and doing some demos for the camera

California Mean Girls sexy spokesmodel Keiko

Self Defense - KNEE TO THE NUTS : How to kick to the nuts

Training for women to protect themselves, they test out there fighting techniques on male volunteers , using elbows, hips, hands,kicks and knees to the groin, making sure that the man goes down, or backs off, and they have a fun time doing the demos, check it out.

self Defensene - defend yourself : Saving Grace - safety tips for women


SAVING GRACE - sexy KICKS : Kick to the Nuts

Pé no saco

Role reversal: House husbands a growing trend

how do you feel about role reversal between the genders, men as house husbands and women working, educated, making the money.

Generation of Dissolving Gender Roles

house husband?

women golfers on the rise

Its nice to see hot women dominating golf, if i was a male golfer i dont know if i could concentrate on my game with a pretty confident beautiful korean women showing the world how its done!

Korean women dominate golf world because of their skill at kimchi, handjobs, Korea Times says.

Among the factors Shin attributed to the success of female Korean golfers were 1) the Korean "Golf Boom" that began in the 1980s; 2) the toughness of Korean women; 3) the close father-daughter relationship in Korea in which fathers are quite indulgent of their daughters; and 4) excellent hand-eye coordination that is a product of a culture in which women traditionally sew and people use chopsticks.

will the women be taking on the men in the future?