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Hello all, this blog is about all things female, exploring feminine aspects, accomplishments, matriarchy, empowerment, feminism, the body, women taking over, herstory , and much more. At this blog we watch for signs of society slowly transforming into a womens world, where women are the boss and men accept this. "cougars" older women that are established with money looking for younger men are experienced , no longer dependent on males for anything, they're just seeking love,sex,romance from a younger crowd of males that are use to women with power, young men that are very happy to please and serve.So if you have any insights or ideas, feel free to drop a line.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

All-female village in Kenya

Feminism in Africa is alive and well, some women in Kenya started an all female village, no men allowed accept to do work for the ladies,
they started a tourist attraction to make money and are doing very well, making the men in the rival village jealous, they cant compete! They are proving that women can be very successful without men trying to be the boss, they are free to express there creative energy.

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