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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

by the balls

Do women have the guys by the balls? what do you think, do the guys stand a chance when it comes to women, women its clear they know the weaknesses of a male inside out, rendering them helpless, if she has a good grib on your nutz you cant get away, the more you struggle the harder she squeezes and so you give up, it hurts to much so most times the guy will just be tammed into submiting to the women, because she doesnt even have to be strong once she has grabbed on to the mans balls, and puts fear into him, those dangling things are sensitive, be careful, you have grabbed onto my pride and taken control of it.

The girls find out our secret early on in life, that between our legs there is a males biggest weakness, once she thought the guys where so strong, but now she realizes that they are not that tough if you give them a little tap to the nutz, just enough to warn them, tease them, and get a good laugh for the girls team, sorry boys, we dont have anything on our bodies that sensitive

now that women are taking the top jobs, work can be stressful, so here is a stress balls, a women can have one on her desk reminding her that she outperformed her male co-workers, rising to the top, and now can squeeze these balls to relive some tension

No guy would wanna piss this girl off, i think we wanna stay on her good side.

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Anonymous said...

If all it took was squeezing a guy's balls, no girl would ever get raped by a guy.