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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ball beaters

#1 A Lesson In Testicle Destruction: Megan Teaches Tessa to Bust Balls:
Megan and Tessa are back in Part iI of the video of Megan Teaches Tessa the ropes of ballbusting! ! If ever there has been a girl who was ideal to teach ballbusting to other hott girls, it's Megan- who is not only possibly the sexiest ballbusting girl of all-time, but also the girl with the most perfect personality for shooting bb clips. The only t
hing better than listening to Megan talk about ballbusting is watching her actually do it (i
t's damn close I've got to say). This sort of girl- a smokin' ho
tt 19-year-old who is the real deal as a ballbuster, busting guys in real life and getting o
ff on doing it- is the sort of girl you will find
only at BB Legends and bringing these uber-ballbusters to you the viewer is what we are all about here. Megan just believes that all testicles are made to be destroyed for sport! Tessa is very pretty and always having a great time busting balls, b
ut in this clip Megan steals the show as Tessa mostly just
enjoys the show she is putting on! Every bit of this is 100% unscripted. Megan teaching Tessa was filmed right after "Tessa's First Time Ballbusting"


Natalie is one of the hottest and most popular girls to ever kick a set of testicles, and for good reason. She could not be any more beautiful or have any better of a body, and her personality is always very fun and sexy, and oh yeah, she kicks hard as hell and clearly gets off on hurting a guys nuts as badly as she can. Monica is our newest ballbuster at BB Legends. Monica is a friend of Gianna's who couldn't wait to take a whack
at it (literall

New Balls For the Brat Princesses: Emily and Samantha Get Their Wish of New Testicles to Kick
Brat Princess is our second favorite site here at BB Legends and was a major inspiration and influence behind the success we have had here. In this clip, Brat Princess's newest 18-year-old hotties, Emily and Samantha, were very excited to have someone new to kick in the balls for the first time. The girls are EXACTLY the same way in real life that they seem on video- fun, bubbly, and full of enthusiasm for smashing guys testicles.
he Brat Princesses particularly like to hold the guys dick out of the way so they can slap and punch his bulging and exposed balls and land some very po
werful kicks as well.

#4 The Best of Roxie:
Roxie, aka “The BBQ” (Ball Busting Queen, as she called herself)
she found both great humor and sexual gratification in seeing a guy rolling around on the floor with crushed testicles. Perhaps nothing made her more unique than her often incredibly twisted ballbusting-related commentary in the movies- the brutal and often downright bizarre threats she came up made it unmistakable that this beauty was one of us-

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drew said...

can you provide me with a working link to New Balls For the Brat Princesses: Emily and Samantha Get Their Wish of New Testicles to Kick video?? I know those girls!!

Here is my e-mail: thanks in advance!!!

Gabriel1234 said...

My God that clips are really brutal

Gabriel1234 said...

They can break that guy's testicles