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Hello all, this blog is about all things female, exploring feminine aspects, accomplishments, matriarchy, empowerment, feminism, the body, women taking over, herstory , and much more. At this blog we watch for signs of society slowly transforming into a womens world, where women are the boss and men accept this. "cougars" older women that are established with money looking for younger men are experienced , no longer dependent on males for anything, they're just seeking love,sex,romance from a younger crowd of males that are use to women with power, young men that are very happy to please and serve.So if you have any insights or ideas, feel free to drop a line.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boots as a symbol of female power

Women have talked about setting an annual date where women eveywhere would put on there big boots and ware them out all at once, showing solidarity with there powerful feminine sisters, showing the world that it is womens time to rule and command!

The boots are feminine and powerful symbol all at the same time, instantly demanding respect, they are sexy yet professional , tough yet soft all at once.

Women could go out in big groups together all sporting there big boots , having fun in the city, shopping, getting something to eat, walking around with a twenty first century female confidence, while there boyfriends are waiting for them to get home so they can worship them.

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